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This game is Awfully Fun™!

Months in the making, this epic challenge of pressing a button at just the right moment to get a specific number is sure to give you something to do rather than what you’re probably supposed to be doing in the first place.

  • Button Pressing Action

    Press the button to stop on a number, it's not rocket science.

  • Six Different Boards

    With shapes like Circles, Triangles, Squares, Ovals and Hexagons that make the gameplay moderately different as you progress.

  • Turtle Tokens

    Slow the game down by pressing the turtle button. Don’t worry, if you run out of turtles, you can watch an ad and we’ll give you more.

  • Almost Unlimited Replayability

    Limited only by how much time you have left on Earth.

  • Instant Feedback

    Dozens of motivational and de-motivational messages to make your day.

  • In-game Coins

    We have no idea what they do either, so don’t ask.


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